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Seasonal Survey feat. PENICILLIN, Alice Nine and Kagrra,!

 Three seasonal surveys have been updated today!!

They are PENICILLIN, Alice Nine, and Kagrra,!
Enjoy in both English and Chinese! Click either title or the picture to read the article!

[Seasonal Survey] Autumn of XX Q&A feat. Penicillin

This time we have PENICILLIN to get them talk about autumn!
The band is known for their unique world, but how are they going to spend the season?
Their answers show us how well they get along!
(This time HAKUEI couldn't make it, but no doubt he's having a great season in this pleasant autumn!) 


[Seasonal Survey] Autumn of XX Q&A feat. Alice Nine

Every time the band appears in our Seasonal Survey of the Stars, they give us amazing remarks and illustrations.
You'll surely be surprised at their artistic quality this time as well (laugh).
What Nao drew is a popular Japanese character! And what did Hiroto draw...?


[Seasonal Survey] Autumn of XX Q&A feat. Kagrra,

In autumn when you can fully enjoy Japan, the BGM would definitely be Kagrra,!
This time our guest at SSS is Kagrra, who has a "Japanese" style as their characteristics.
They had answers that show good points of Japan...or not? (laugh)
Hope the article becomes a step to attract your interest in Japan.
And don't miss their unique illustrations!

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