Floz (floziskira) wrote in jrockuk,

J Rock in Reading this Friday!

Heya, I hope it's ok to post this here, but please delete if it's not!

I just wanted to let the members of this community know that I will be playing a J rock set at the Face Bar in Reading this Friday (23rd Oct 09), so please feel free to come down if you fancy it! There isn't enough J rock played in UK clubs, and if this proves popular it may become a regular thing, so it'd be great to see some Jrock lovers there =D

If you require any details just pm me!

Thanks =)
Floz xx
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I will come! I'm 1 train stop away!! Where ad at what time?
does it cost?
Jonni xx
is it your band? or like just playing the music in background?
Heya Jonniii, I'm just DJing! The club opens at 9pm, I'm playing in the blue room from about 12 to 1:30am. I think entry is about £5 or something. Hope to see you there! Be sure to come and say hi <3 xx
Hey it's Jonni, I changed account! haha!
(sorry for really late reply)
I couldn't make it in the end! Soooo sorry!
How did it go?
Will you be doing any more?
May I add you? ^^