Broken Child (furan_chan) wrote in jrockuk,
Broken Child

Plastic Tree

i guess i should put an announcement here too... as i'm sure some of you that were intending to go, aren't in/don't pay attention to Kurage/euro_jrock.

Anyways, as most of you will know, Plastic Tree had to cancel their gig in London due to problems with the organisation ¬_¬
this has left a lot of fans devastated.
I'm now off to Amsterdam (because i'm crazy), and i'm basically putting together a fanbook of all us Pura fans here in the UK. if you want to submit your messages please read the following post:

P.S. it's possibly too late to post things, as i need them by Wednesday 7th, but i'm still more than happy to take scans etc. they don't have to be in Japanese (actually most of the ones i've gotten aren't), and they don't have to be much, just a brief note is all i ask - even if you're not a huge fan :)
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