Polochon (Sicile) (polochon) wrote in jrockuk,
Polochon (Sicile)

Kirito's Negative lyrics (translations and romanji)

Romanisations and romanji for -ALL- songs on Negative are available on my website, from here for example: http://dramatic.believers.free.fr/trad/trad-gen-en.html
(or through Kirito's discography: http://dramatic.believers.free.fr/disco/kirito/disco-kiri-alb-en.html).
These English translations were done by Boo from Centigrade-j... as the Centigrade recently went offling, you may have noticed it. It is supposed to be temporary, but well... at least these translations are online now.

For those who are would be more at ease with French, and being French myself, I also did French translations: http://dramatic.believers.free.fr/trad/trad-gen-en.html
(Kirito's discography, in French: http://dramatic.believers.free.fr/disco/kirito/disco-kiri-alb-fr.html)
(These French translations were done from the Japanese versions, using the English one to make sure I got the correct meaning)

Hope you'll like these!
(-Note: Kirito once again wrote great lyrics here... as for me, I especially love Sakyuu)
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