mistress_shivey (mistress_shivey) wrote in jrockuk,

Hello to you all !

Name: Officially Siobhain, but the only people who call me that are my parents ^_^ Feel free to call me Shivey, Shiv, Princess or Shih Tzu.

Location: Essex, England :( Most boring chav ridden area ever !

Song of the moment:  Malice Mizer - Illuminati, old school, hell yeah ! PLUSSSSS I am checking out Fantasy - Alice Nine by my friends insistence ! What I can tell so far is that the vocalist has a smexy voice :D

Band that made you, who you are
: Malice Mizer or L'arc en ciel. Mizer was my first Jrock love <3 <3 <3 back in 2002 !  And L'arc en ciel got me through my studies for which I am eternally grateful !

Thing you just have to share:  I am attending the September JRock night ! First time ever ^_^; Have wanted to go for months, ever since I found out about it, but have had no money :(

Question I should have asked, but didn't because I'm mysterious like that: Is that a saucepan on your forehead Bob?
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