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Selling loads of JRock/Pop bits [02 Apr 2013|02:50pm]

Uploaded a lot on ebay, would love to see a fellow fan get it! Moving home and don't have the room sadly. Mostly magazines, a few other things too. Have also Gackt 6th Day 7th Night DVD I couldn't upload and even MORE Arena37c mags if there's a particular artist you are looking for main features on. Mags date from between 2005 to 2009. Not all have posters in anymore, but most do.


Thank you for looking! X
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exist;trace LDN shiw [29 Apr 2010|08:30pm]

I just found out i cant go to the EXIST;TRACE gig on TUES 4TH in LONDON~~ so i am selling my ticket :C

£20 with P+P
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Ninjamanjapan Seasonal Survey!! [04 Jan 2010|05:56pm]

Happy New Year everyone!

Please enjoy another year with musicJAPANplus!

Let's start things off with a question! Have you set any goals or made pledges for 2010?
Plan everything out early on and make the most out of 2010!
But some people might be stumped about what sort of goals to set.
So in this Seasonal Survey of the Stars the NINJAMANJAPAN members are going to tell you their pledges for 2010!!
The young band formed in 2009.
How are they planning to spend 2010? Be ready to see a lot from NINJAMANJAPAN this year!!

Enjoy the Survey!

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Plastic Tree New Album 'ドナドナ / Donna Donna' Release Interview [24 Dec 2009|02:18pm]

The interview with Plastic Tree has been updated.
Both Japanese and English versions are available!!

■Plastic Tree ニューアルバム『ドナドナ』発売記念インタビュー
2009年、Plastic Treeの集大成を、このアルバムでー

2009年は、佐藤ケンケンを迎えて新たに一歩を踏み出したPlastic Tree。そんな彼らの、2009年の集大成でもあるニューアルバムが12月23日に
リリースされる。メンバーがこのアルバムに込めた想いとは?そして、 このアルバムを通して、私たちに届けるメッセージとは?今年を振り返りながら、アルバムについて、答えてもらった。

■Plastic Tree New Album 'ドナドナ / Donna Donna' Release Interview
Album to Wrap Up 2009 of Plastic Tree

In 2009 Plastic Tree made a fresh start by welcoming the new member Sato Kenken. On December 23rd they will release a new album that is meant to bring together everything that happened this year. What are the members' thoughts about the album? What sort of messages are they trying to send to their fans? The Plastic Tree members talked about their album in detail, while also looking back at this year.

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V-ROCK FESTIVAL '09 Fashion Show Report [21 Nov 2009|08:48pm]

[VRF × MJP] V-ROCK FESTIVAL '09 Fashion Show Report

'V-ROCK FESTIVAL '09' was held on October 24th and 25th at Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Halls 9-11. During the world's biggest live event [department store] Laforet Harajuku and [fashion magazine] KERA jointly held a fashion show called 'Laforet×KERA V-ROCK Collection'. In two days about 12,000 fashion and music fans enjoyed the show that took place on the S-STAGE. Although the atmosphere surrounding the stage was markedly different from the others, the fans were all equally excited. For the fashion show, artists leading the visual-kei industry lent a helping hand as well. Each artist became a model for each participating fashion brand. Fans of the musicians were treated to a rare spectacle.

Read the whole report here!

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[16 Nov 2009|03:17am]

Hidden away in the Hakone mountain area west of Tokyo, several leading scientist conducted secret experiments which combined mostly domestic animal and human DNA together to see if the evolutionary gene could mutate between the species and to advance stem cell research.
Their experiments didn’t last however, as a mixture of activists and queries into the moral issues these inhumane scientific studies ignited, forced the government to cease funding the research, which inevitably led to the laboratory shutting down. During the dismissals of the scientists the highly unstable chemical then transferred into the lake which contaminated the water supply with this DNA compound. This didn’t show signs of effect to the surrounding towns till several months later a woman gave birth to a girl with a full length canine tail with matching ears.
This was just the beginning of a new breed of human. As the years progressed many children began to be born with features of household animals, some more obvious than others and as the epidemic spread occasionally more exotic animal attributes would arise in the new born.

The year now is 2047, more information has come about about it was clear that the gene was dormant in some born from the chimera (a mixture of two or more species in one body) and this was fortunate for those few, as there was a growing increase in social rejection and discrimination towards the chimeras.
Now the only way for them to survive is by living in secret and hiding their true identity, otherwise the chimera’s are captured by a large underground network of hunters where they are bought and sold for entertainment purposes, or made to work in backroom clubs that catered for the members of human society that wished to indulge themselves in the company of the hybrids.

unlacedx Claim list RULES
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Miyavi Tour fashion check in Hungary and Utrecht! [28 Oct 2009|08:26pm]

 Miyavi Tour Fashion check in Hungary!
You gotta check it out!

Click here to see all the pictures!

And, the fan snapshot in Utrecht!!

Are you there in our pictures?

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Seasonal Survey feat. PENICILLIN, Alice Nine and Kagrra,! [22 Oct 2009|06:38pm]

 Three seasonal surveys have been updated today!!

They are PENICILLIN, Alice Nine, and Kagrra,!
Enjoy in both English and Chinese! Click either title or the picture to read the article!

[Seasonal Survey] Autumn of XX Q&A feat. Penicillin

This time we have PENICILLIN to get them talk about autumn!
The band is known for their unique world, but how are they going to spend the season?
Their answers show us how well they get along!
(This time HAKUEI couldn't make it, but no doubt he's having a great season in this pleasant autumn!) 


[Seasonal Survey] Autumn of XX Q&A feat. Alice Nine

Every time the band appears in our Seasonal Survey of the Stars, they give us amazing remarks and illustrations.
You'll surely be surprised at their artistic quality this time as well (laugh).
What Nao drew is a popular Japanese character! And what did Hiroto draw...?


[Seasonal Survey] Autumn of XX Q&A feat. Kagrra,

In autumn when you can fully enjoy Japan, the BGM would definitely be Kagrra,!
This time our guest at SSS is Kagrra, who has a "Japanese" style as their characteristics.
They had answers that show good points of Japan...or not? (laugh)
Hope the article becomes a step to attract your interest in Japan.
And don't miss their unique illustrations!

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J Rock in Reading this Friday! [21 Oct 2009|10:40am]

Heya, I hope it's ok to post this here, but please delete if it's not!

I just wanted to let the members of this community know that I will be playing a J rock set at the Face Bar in Reading this Friday (23rd Oct 09), so please feel free to come down if you fancy it! There isn't enough J rock played in UK clubs, and if this proves popular it may become a regular thing, so it'd be great to see some Jrock lovers there =D

If you require any details just pm me!

Thanks =)
Floz xx
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Worcestershire [10 Oct 2009|01:59am]

Hello there!
Just recently i "moved" to UK and am wondering if there any j-rock fans around this area? Or anywhere in UK actually =)
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 In 2009 JAPAN will set its attention to the WORLD!
We proudly present this year’s Festival of Festivals!
In October 2009 more than 50 artists will participate
in the world’s largest visual-kei festival ever…V-ROCK! 

Special Corner of V-ROCK FESTIVAL

This year, PENICILLIN is celebrating its 17th anniversary. Although the bassist GISHO separated from the band two years ago, all the other members have remained the same from when they had first formed PENICILLIN. For 2009, they released the single ‘BLACK HOLE’ in May, and now they are set to release a new single titled ‘WARP’ on September 2nd. We heard that they were very excited about their appearance in V-ROCK FESTIVAL, so we decided to visit their recording studio to talk about the new single and the live event.

Click here to read the V-Rock Festival Special Interview with PENICILLIN!


Ever since forming the band, D had gradually but steadily expanded its fan base and continued reaching a wider audience. In 2007, while they had still been an indie band they performed at Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall [max capacity 4000 people]. In May 2008 they made their long-awaited major debut. All the singles released after their debut have ranked No.10 or higher on the Oricon Singles Chart. On September 12th they will release the much anticipated 4th single ‘Tightrope’.
One day in August we heard that all the members were getting together at a studio in Tokyo to edit the music video of their new single. We decided to head for the studio to conduct an interview.

Click here to read the V-Rock Festival Special Interview with D!

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JRock V.K Members Wanted. xxx [08 Mar 2009|06:57pm]

Hello Friends.
Well me and my brother have a music band project, We're called KALMIA (Karumia).
Kalmia are little white flowers..they are quite pretty.

We're new from scratch, and wanting a Visual Kei JRock Band.
But like everyone else here, we need some more members to join us, as there are only 3 of us so far...and we're at the

Please follow my links, and come and have a look.

Kalmia - What we're after
Kalmia - The band so far, and who we're looking for.
(some photos)

Thank you for your time.
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Delete if not alowed [18 Jan 2009|08:29pm]


Welcome to x-Akujunkan a Japanese artist, AU role-play based on mental disorders for serious role-players. All role-play will take place inside of the community through comments. You may have the option of RPing through AIM, with the exception that ALL logs are posted. The setting for this RP is a mental institution located in Tokyo, Japan.
Theres still plenty to be claimed so...

Enter the Asylum... if you dare
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PyonTube [23 Oct 2008|05:42pm]

Hey. I recently completed a social networking site aimed at fans of asian music. This site allows you to post music, videos, images and blogs as well as personal profiles and the ability to comment on all of the above. The site is havily widgetized, allowing members to embed its media players on pretty much any other wedsite, forum or blog.

If you are interested then chack out www.pyontube.com now.

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ANTI FEMINISM x HAGAKURE Fisrt American TOUR: Mission Clear!!! [30 Dec 2007|01:49am]


ANTI FEMINISM, HAGAKURE and GUERILL'ART! thank you very much for your support during our first tour in AMERICA!!!

It was a very good experience that we ll never forget!!!
We met a lot of very nice people and made a lot of good memories!!!
We ll definitely Come Back again in the US...to see you and to make a lot of new friends!!! Keep on fightin' with us to set art free!!!


PS: Because of the law in the US, KENZI wasn't allowed to do all his stunts!!! We are really sorry about that.

All the officials Pictures of the Tour @ www.studiobatsu.com

Stay Tuned...more pictures will come soon!!!
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Plastic Tree [03 Nov 2007|08:46pm]

i guess i should put an announcement here too... as i'm sure some of you that were intending to go, aren't in/don't pay attention to Kurage/euro_jrock.

Anyways, as most of you will know, Plastic Tree had to cancel their gig in London due to problems with the organisation ¬_¬
this has left a lot of fans devastated.
I'm now off to Amsterdam (because i'm crazy), and i'm basically putting together a fanbook of all us Pura fans here in the UK. if you want to submit your messages please read the following post:

P.S. it's possibly too late to post things, as i need them by Wednesday 7th, but i'm still more than happy to take scans etc. they don't have to be in Japanese (actually most of the ones i've gotten aren't), and they don't have to be much, just a brief note is all i ask - even if you're not a huge fan :)
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Kirito's Negative lyrics (translations and romanji) [13 Sep 2007|02:29am]

[ mood | busy ]

Romanisations and romanji for -ALL- songs on Negative are available on my website, from here for example: http://dramatic.believers.free.fr/trad/trad-gen-en.html
(or through Kirito's discography: http://dramatic.believers.free.fr/disco/kirito/disco-kiri-alb-en.html).
These English translations were done by Boo from Centigrade-j... as the Centigrade recently went offling, you may have noticed it. It is supposed to be temporary, but well... at least these translations are online now.

For those who are would be more at ease with French, and being French myself, I also did French translations: http://dramatic.believers.free.fr/trad/trad-gen-en.html
(Kirito's discography, in French: http://dramatic.believers.free.fr/disco/kirito/disco-kiri-alb-fr.html)
(These French translations were done from the Japanese versions, using the English one to make sure I got the correct meaning)

Hope you'll like these!
(-Note: Kirito once again wrote great lyrics here... as for me, I especially love Sakyuu)

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Hello to you all ! [02 Sep 2007|09:55pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Name: Officially Siobhain, but the only people who call me that are my parents ^_^ Feel free to call me Shivey, Shiv, Princess or Shih Tzu.

Location: Essex, England :( Most boring chav ridden area ever !

Song of the moment:  Malice Mizer - Illuminati, old school, hell yeah ! PLUSSSSS I am checking out Fantasy - Alice Nine by my friends insistence ! What I can tell so far is that the vocalist has a smexy voice :D

Band that made you, who you are
: Malice Mizer or L'arc en ciel. Mizer was my first Jrock love <3 <3 <3 back in 2002 !  And L'arc en ciel got me through my studies for which I am eternally grateful !

Thing you just have to share:  I am attending the September JRock night ! First time ever ^_^; Have wanted to go for months, ever since I found out about it, but have had no money :(

Question I should have asked, but didn't because I'm mysterious like that: Is that a saucepan on your forehead Bob?
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J-Rock Music Auction [28 Aug 2007|10:31am]

Just a little note to anyone know who's interested:

HYDE - Limited Edition Angel's Tale single

will end in a couple of hours. Don't forget to bid! :)
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